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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Oh, the PLACES I’ve been! #52

As I write the title to this post, it’s hard to believe it’s been one year since I’ve been hosting “Oh the PLACES I’ve been!”. In celebration, I’m going to highlight some of my favorite places that you posted.

I so love to travel with all of you! I get to go from a Victorian Mansion at We call it Junkin to…

Victorian gingerbread chimneys

…to the crown jewel of Chiang Mai's temples at Malaysian Meanders.

Chiang Mai, temple, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

We might be going to the zoo in Florida with Stretching it to Travel or…


the flea market in France with Rococo Roamer.

Metz Expo

But wherever we’re going, we’re having fun!

- Alma, The Tablescaper

An Easter Welcome

Tucked next to the staircase in the entry of my home is a small radiator which provides a lovely spot to display a bit of a welcome. The hallway is wide enough to pass but in no way grand so I must be careful what I place upon it, in the event someone may brush upon it. I was so pleased when I came upon this two tiered half basket which offers the place in which to perch a bit of seasonal joy.

Moss bunny - The Tablescaper2

Moss bunny - The Tablescaper4

Moss bunny - The Tablescaper3

Moss bunny - The Tablescaper5

Moss bunny - The Tablescaper1

Hope your home is filled with seasonal joy! A blessed Easter to you and your family.

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Easter Vignette


Easter. A time of rebirth. A time of growth. Easter.

Celebrate Easter throughout your home.

Easter vignette - The Tablescaper11

Easter vignette - The Tablescaper13

I love this little print. There is something about it that just draws me in. I think it must be the coloring. I picked it up many years ago at a tag sale. It used to grace my laundry room. I only recently realized that it’s a page from a calendar. I don’t really care where it’s from or it’s lack of financial worth. It brings me joy.

Easter vignette - The Tablescaper12

Easter vignette - The Tablescaper14

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sparkling Easter Tablescape


If ever there were a spring day so perfect,

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper08

so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper09

that it made you want to throw

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper01

open all the windows in the house

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper14 and unlatch the door to the canary's cage,

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper03

indeed, rip the little door from its jamb,

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper13

a day when the cool brick paths

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper11

and the garden bursting with peonies

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper05

seemed so etched in sunlight

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper06

that you felt like taking

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper07

a hammer to the glass paperweight

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper10

on the living room end table,

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper02

releasing the inhabitants

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper04

from their snow-covered cottage

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper12 

so they could walk out,

holding hands and squinting

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper15

into this larger dome of blue and white,

well, today is just that kind of day.*

Tablescape Sparkling Easter - The Tablescaper16

* Today by Billy Collins

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Display - Seasonal Sunday # 198

I have a good friend who is always moving her furniture around her home. I rarely do that. Once I find a place for furniture it tends to stay there, but I do like to change the look of my home. I feel it keeps things fresh. With Easter almost here, it provided a perfect excuse to rearrange and decorate my corner cabinet in my dining room. If you're a regular reader of The Tablescaper, you know I frequently change out my corner cabinet. There are certain spots in our home that lend themselves to being changed out for the season. Some areas are easier to change out than others. One of my favorite spots to change out is the corner cabinet in my dining room. I can very easily get an entirely different look and feel by changing out the corner cabinet. While you could change out every area of your home, try to find one that you change regularly. It will make the process less daunting. You’ll love the fresh look.

cover Easter display - The Tablescaper

Easter Display - The Tablescaper01

The display is not cluttered or complicated, but a fresh look to reflect the season. Plus why let all of those wonderful dishes sit in boxes? LOL! Pull them out and enjoy them!

Easter Display - The Tablescaper05

The bunny pitcher and egg cups were on one of my Easter Tables and now are residing in the corner cabinet.

Easter Display - The Tablescaper04

As were this bunny bowl and the white salad plates.

Easter Display - The Tablescaper03

And the bunny casserole, but everything takes on a new look when set against the pink Bordallo Pinheiro bunny plates.

Easter Display - The Tablescaper02

Easter Display - The Tablescaper06

Love the edging of cabbages on this Bordallo Pinheiro small platter.

Easter Display - The Tablescaper08

Sweet little bunny spoons sent to me by Sarah of Hyacinths for Your Soul a couple of years ago.

Easter Display - The Tablescaper07

Easter Display - The Tablescaper09

A little juxta-positioning of color.

What changes have you made in your home décor in anticipation of Easter?

- Alma, The Tablescaper

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New York City Lights - Oh, the PLACES I’ve been! #51

New York City lights so bright
We can lose ourselves
And start a new life
Run away and leave tonight

NYC lights - The Tablescaper2

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rustic Rabbits Tablescape


Are bunny rabbits hopping onto your Easter tablescape? There are so many ways to decorate your Easter table, but I keep finding bunnies hopping onto mine. Last week’s Easter tablescape (click HERE) was filled with lots of white bunnies and vibrant colors. This week’s Easter tablescape has lots of bunnies too, but a bit more on the rustic and natural side. If you’re looking for ideas of how to set your Easter tablescape be sure to hop on over to my side bar where many are just a click away.

rustic rabbits tablescape- the tablescaper

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper01

Most years my egg topiaries (from a day-after-Easter sale at Pier One) grace my mantel but this year they are taking center stage on my table.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper05

Of course I’m decorating my tablescape with candy. Love how egglike these candies look!

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper18

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper08

The speckle on these goblets (a HomeGoods purchase) make me think of speckled eggs.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper07

The palest pastels against the dark twigs is so compelling.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper09

A shabby chic touch of ruffles gathered in a twig napkin ring.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper06

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper04

And now to peel the layers of the onion.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper11Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper12Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper13

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper14Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper15

These darling egg shaped salad plates come in four different scenes. Lucky for me, last year Kathleen picked them up for me at a super sale just before Easter. Their twiggy edges are what inspired this table.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper16

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper17I was searching for a long time for a solid pink plate of just the right shade of pink. The minute I saw these I scooped them up! The wonderfully twiggy chargers were purchased on a day of fun shopping with Kathleen at the Pottery Barn Outlet.

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper03

Rustic Rabbits Easter Tablescape - The Tablescaper02

I’ll be hopping with my eggs and nests over to Cuisine Kathleen’s Birds, Eggs and Nest Table Challenge.

- Alma, The Tablescaper